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Tagrit Tikrit, TakritContributor: Amir Harrak URI:
Tappuni, Gabriel (1879–1968) [Syr. Cath.]Contributor: Amir Harrak URI:
Tatian (ca. 120 – ca. 185)Contributor: William L. Petersen URI:
Telkepe Tell KaifContributor: Alessandro Mengozzi URI:
Tell ʿAda, Monastery of [Syr. Orth.]Contributor: Jonathan A. Loopstra URI:
Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ Testamentum Domini nostri Jesu ChristiContributor: Sebastian P. Brock URI:
TheanoContributor: Ute Possekel URI:
Theodora (Empress) (d. 548) [Syr. Orth.]Contributor: Susan Ashbrook Harvey URI:
Theodore of Mopsuestia (ca. 350–428)Contributor: Lucas Van Rompay URI:
Theodoret of Cyrrhus (393–466)Contributor: Robert A. Kitchen URI:
Theodoros Abū Qurra (probably d. after 829) [Melk.]Contributor: Aaron M. Butts URI:
Theodoros bar Koni (fl. end of the 8th cent.) [Ch. of E.]Contributor: Aaron M. Butts URI:
Theodoros bar Wahbun (d. 1193) [Syr. Orth.]Contributor: Hubert Kaufhold URI:
Theodosios Romanos the physician (d. 896) [Syr. Orth.]Contributor: Lucas Van Rompay URI:
Theodosios of Edessa (late 8th – early 9th cent.) [Syr. Orth.]Contributor: Lucas Van Rompay URI:
Theodotos of Amid (d. 698) [Syr. Orth.]Contributor: Jack B. Tannous URI:
Theodotus of Ancyra (fl. first half of 5th cent.)Contributor: Sebastian P. Brock URI:
Theophilos of Edessa (d. 785) [Maron.]Contributor: Lucas Van Rompay URI:
Thābit b. Qurra (826?–901)Contributor: Hidemi Takahashi URI:
Timotheos I (727/8–823) [Ch. of E.]Contributor: David D. Bundy URI: