Athanasios Aṣlan (d. 1741) [Syr. Orth.]

Scribe, minor author, and translator. He was born in Amid to ʿAbd al-Nūr and Narzkhan. Two of his brothers, Thoma and Yawseph, became priests. Athanasios became a monk at Dayr al-Zaʿfarān ca. 1697 and was ordained priest before 1705. After he studied under Maph. Shemʿun II, Athanasios was consecrated in 1707 as assisting bp. for the patriarchate (in other accounts bp. of Aleppo) and was given the honorific name Athanasios. In 1714, he was appointed bp. of Amid. Athanasios died in 1741; it is said that healing miracles took place on his tomb. He was a skilful scribe.

Athanasios translated into Arabic a number of works including ḥusoye, Mushe bar Kipho’s ‘Expositions of the Sacraments’, and two of Shemʿun II’s books, one on theology and the other on the sacraments. He composed a few sermons in Arabic.


  • A.  Barsaum, PatMagJer 5 (1938), 142–3.

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