Raḥmani, Ignatius Ephrem II (1848–1929) [Syr. Cath.]

Patr. (1898–1929), scholar, and liturgist. He was born in Mosul on 7 Nov. 1848 and named Louis. He studied at the Dominican School under Clemens Joseph David and in 1863 was sent to study in Rome, where he was ordained in 1873. On his return to Mosul he helped in editorial tasks at the Dominican Press. In 1880 he became a Chorepiscopos, and in 1887 was consecrated by Ignatius Giwargis V as titular bp. of Edessa, with the name Rabbula Ephrem. He organized the seventh Synod of Sharfeh, and in 1890 became bp. of Baghdad, and then of Aleppo in 1894. Following his election as patr. in 1898 he renovated the Sharfeh press, moved the patriarchate from Mardin to Beirut, founded the seminary school in Jerusalem (1902), and restored Dayro d-Mor Behnam. His most important publications of Syriac were the Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ (1899, with LT), Martyrdom of Shmona and Gurya (1899, with LT), the Chronicle of 1234 (1904), Studia Syriaca, I–V (1904–9; the last volume containing Anṭun of Tagrit’s book on poetics), and Ktobo d-ṭekso d-qurobo  / Missale (1922). His Les liturgies orientales et occidentales (1934, in Arabic) was a pioneering study of comparative liturgy.

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