Sobo, Ignatius (d. 1389) [Syr. Orth.]

First patr. of Ṭur ʿAbdin. Little is known about his life. While he was bp. of Ṣalaḥ under the honorific name Baselios, Patr. Ishmaʿil (d. 1365) hastily excommunicated him. Sobo traveled to Dayr al-Zaʿfarān, to seek reconciliation with the patr. , but the latter refused to receive him. Sobo made a second attempt, this time accompanied by a delegation of bishops, priests, and notables from Ṭur ʿAbdin, but the patr. even refused to admit them to the monastery. After a wait of four days outside the doors of the monastery, the delegation left angrily shouting in defiance, ‘oksios, oksios, oksios to Patr. Mor Sobo.’ They went to Dayro d-Mor Yaʿqub of Ṣalaḥ and installed Sobo patr. of Ṭur ʿAbdin. Sobo received a diploma confirming his Patriarchate from the Ayyubid ruler of Ḥesno d-Kifo dated 6 Aug. 1364.


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