Qiyore of Edessa Cyrus of Edessa (6th cent.) [Ch. of E.]

Syriac author. Since he is called ‘Qiyore of Edessa’ in the mss. of his works, he was probably born in Edessa. At the School of Nisibis (ca. 533–8) he was a disciple of Mar Aba; he subsequently taught at the School of Seleucia-Ctesiphon, and became its Director. After Mar Aba’s death (552) he founded a monastery at Ḥirta. He is the author of six ‘Causes’, or Explanations, of important seasons in the liturgical year: the Great Fast, Pascha (Holy Thursday), the Passion, Resurrection, Ascension and Pentecost. He is among the earliest Syriac authors to employ this genre of liturgical commentary.


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