Yoḥannan of Dailam (d. 738) [Ch. of E.]

Monk and missionary. He was a monk of the Monastery of Beth ʿAbe, but was taken prisoner to Dailam; there, once he had been freed, he converted many pagans. Travelling to Damascus, he is said to have healed a child of ʿAbd al-Malik. He finally settled in Fars, near Arragan, founding a bilingual monastery, with Syriac- and Persian-speaking monks. A fragment of the earliest form of his Life is known in Sogdian translation. Later developments are to be found in an E.-Syr. verse narrative and a W.-Syr. prose Life. There are also short notices in Toma of Marga (‘Book of [monastic] Superiors’, II.22–5) and Ishoʿdnaḥ (‘Book of Chastity’, 104, 116). A few short liturgical texts are attributed to him.


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