Yuḥanon XIV bar Shayullāh Gregorios Yuḥanon (ca. 1705[?]–1783) [Syr. Orth.]

Translator, scribe, minor writer, and bp. He was born Yuḥanon bar Shuqayr in Aleppo. His family was originally from Ṣadad and is mentioned in ms. sources as early as 1527. He became a monk in Dayr Mār Mūsā al-Ḥabashī and was later ordained priest there. He became the vicar of Damascus in 1752 and was consecrated its bp. in 1754 in Amid. He died in June 1783 and was buried in Damascus.

His literary works include: 1. A translation of the Chronicle of Michael Rabo into Arabic in 1759, based on two Syr. mss.; 2. He may have authored the biographies of four patriarchs and the lists of the bishops they consecrated from 1687–1759; 3. A letter on the Orthodox faith, probably against Michael Jarweh; 4. Hymns in colloquial Arabic, some of which are used today.


  • Barsoum, in PatrMagJer 7 (1940), 186–89.

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