Salomon, Désiré (1838–1914) [Chald.]

Salomon was born in Tkhuma and grew up in Khosrowa where he was a pupil at the French Lazarist (i.e., Vincentian) Seminary. He continued his studies in France, joined the Vincentian order in 1857, and was ordained priest. (Thus like P. Bedjan he was a priest of the Latin, not the Chaldean, rite. He was generally known as Aba or ‘Père’ Salomon.) On his return to Persia he joined the Lazarist mission and was involved with its press. He became an editor of the periodical Qālā da-šrārā; many of its anonymous articles were written by him. He wrote various other works for this press, including several Syriac grammars. One of these was Turāṣ mamllā d-leššānā kaldāyā (1901). Among his translations was the Guía de pecadores of Luis de Granada (translated via French): in Syriac Ktābā da-mhaddyānā d-ḥaṭṭāye (1901).

Salomon was a good botanist and discovered an unknown plant which was named after him.


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