Yoḥannan bar Penkaye (late 7th cent.) [Ch. of E.]

Author of a summary history of the world. Evidently from Penek in Beth Zabdai, he became a monk of the Monastery of Yoḥannan of Kamul, and later, a solitary attached to that of Mar Bassima. His main work is the Ktābā d-reš melle ‘Book of the main events’, a history of the world in 15 Books, ending up with his own time. A verse treatise on monastic life by him is also preserved, as well as two ‘Centuries’ which evidently belong to a work entitled ‘The (spiritual) Merchant’, mentioned by ʿAbdishoʿ in his ‘Catalogue’ (he also lists some other works which have disappeared). In the ms. tradition he is sometimes confused with Yoḥannan of Dalyatha.

    Primary Sources

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    Secondary Sources

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