Babai of Nisibis (6th/7th cent.) [Ch. of E.]

Monastic author. According to the Khuzistan Chronicle there was rivalry between him and Babai the Great, as a result of which he was known as ‘Babai the Small’. His authorship of a monastic ‘Letter to Cyriacus’, transmitted in W.-Syr. mss. and attributed to ‘Babai whom the wicked Barṣawma slew’ (i.e., the Cath. Babowai, 457–84), is confirmed by a quotation, attributed to him, in Dadishoʿ ’sCommentary on Abba Isaiah’ (13:18). He was also author of some memre, one being ‘On the final evil hour’ (of which a fragment in Sogdian translation also survives), and at least one Tešboḥtā (which is also found in the Maronite Weekday Office).


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