Bello, Estipān (1910–1989) [Chald.]

He was born in Alqosh of Jūnā Mīkhā Ballo and Teresa Mīkhā Sāko and given the baptismal name ʿAbd al-Aḥad (he is somewhat related to the family of Patr. Yoḥannan Sullaqa). He became a monk in 1924, and in 1927 joined the Seminary of St. John in Mosul where he was ordained a priest in 1934. He studied in Rome from 1935 until 1940, the year of his return to Iraq. In 1958 he became a vicar for Aleppo, and in 1960 was consecrated a bp. for Syria. He died in Rome in 1989 and was buried in Iraq. In addition to his major study La Congrégation de S. Hormisdas et l’Église chaldéenne dans la première moitié du XIXe siècle (OCA 122; 1939), he translated from Italian into Syriac a small book titled l-ʾappay ʾurḥā da-gmirā (Mosul, 1957). He also wrote a chronicle titled ṭebe yawmāye (ms.) and a book titled ktābā d-purrāse (ms.).


  • Abūna, Adab, 514–5.
  • Macuch, Geschichte, 416.

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