Diodore of Tarsus (late 4th cent.)

Greek author of theological and exegetical works ( CPG 3815–22), bp. of Tarsus. A native of Antioch, and teacher of John Chrysostom and Theodore of Mopsuestia, he was renowned in his own day as an exegete. As an important representative of Antiochene christology and exegesis, his works came under a cloud, along with those of Theodore, in the 6th cent. and so much has been lost, though his Commentary on Psalms escaped thanks to its re-attribution to Anastasius (Ps. 1–50, ed. J.-M. Olivier, CCSG 6, 1980; the remainder in PG 33). Although he is regarded as one of the three ‘Greek Doctors’ (with Theodore and Nestorius) in the Ch. of E., most of what survives in Syriac comes from hostile sources. Quotations from, or references to, his ‘On Providence’, however, are to be found notably in Dadishoʿ and Isḥaq of Nineveh.


  • CPG 3815–3822.
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