Eliya (late 8th/early 9th cent.) [Syr. Orth.]

Author of a long letter, in twelve sections, addressed to his friend Leon of Ḥarran, synkellos of the Chalcedonian bp. of Ḥarran, in which he gives reasons why he left the Melkite Church for the Syr. Orth. Nothing else is known of his identity or life; since he quotes a work of 743 by John of Damascus, he must have been writing after that date. The letter survives in a single ms. of the 9th/10th cent. (now divided between Rome, Vat. Syr. 145, and London, Brit. Libr. Add. 17,197).


  • A.  Van Roey, ‘La lettre apologétique d’Élie à Léon, syncelle de l’évêque chalcédonien de Ḥarran. Une apologie monophysite du VIIIe–IXe siècle’, LM 57 (1944), 1–52.
  • A.  Van Roey, ‘Trois auteurs chalcédoniens syriens: Georges de Martyropolis, Constantin et Léon de Ḥarran’, OLP 3 (1972), 125–53.
  • A.  Van Roey, Eliae Epistula apologetica ad Leonem, syncellum Harranensem (CSCO 469–70; 1985). (Syr. with LT)

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