Gabriel, Fawlos (1912–1971) [Syr. Orth.]

Born in Kharput, he joined the Taw Mim Simkath orphanage in Adana at an early age. After World War I, he lived in Beirut where he studied at the American College. He (In 1923, he) became the principal of Taw Mim Semkath, now in Beirut. He died in Beirut. He wrote:

1. A chrestomathy and grammar (morphology) with Camille (Kamīl) Afrām al-Bustānī titled Langue syriaque, textes & morphologie par Favlos Gabriel [&] Camille E. Boustany (Beirut, 1965).

2. A second chrestomathy and grammar (syntax) with Kamīl Afrām al-Bustānī titled Langue syriaque, lettres & syntaxe par Favlos Gabriel [&] Camille E. Boustany (Beirut, 1966).

3. A translation into Syriac, with Ghaṭṭās Maqdisī Elias, of Bernardin de Saint Pierre’s romantic novel Paul et Virginie (Beirut, 1955; 2nd ed. Glane, 1986).

4. Translations into Syriac of some of the works of Shakespeare and some French writers both in verse and prose.

5. A translation of Gilgamesh, possibly from Arabic, in verse form.

6. Poems published in various journals and magazines.


  • Abūna, Adab, 573.
  • Macuch, Geschichte, 455.
  • Munūfar Barṣūm, Aḍwāʾ, 67–70.

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