Gabriel Qaṭraya (6th/7th cent.) [Ch. of E.]

Author of an important Commentary on the Liturgy. Several Gabriels from Beth Qaṭraye are known from the 6th/7th cent., but this Gabriel (described as bar Lipeh) is probably not to be equated with any of the others. A  date of writing prior to the liturgical reforms of Ishoʿyahb III is certain, since he mentions that Shubḥalmaran, metropolitan of Karka d-Beth Slokh was still alive. The Commentary is divided into 5 memre, each with a series of questions and answers. These cover: 1. ramšā on weekdays (15 questions); 2. ṣaprā on weekdays (17 questions); 3. ramšā and lelyā on Sundays (5 questions); 4. ṣaprā on Sundays (9 questions); 5. Eucharistic Mysteries (8 questions, the second of which is a commentary on the Eucharistic rite). This important work is preserved in a single ms. (Brit. Libr. Or. 3336) of the 13th cent. (though the ms. has a date, its reading is uncertain); so far only the commentary on the Eucharist has been published and translated. An abbreviated form of at least much of the work is attributed to Abraham bar Lipeh (ed. R. H.  Connolly, in CSCO 71, 76; 1911, 1915). The relationship between Gabriel and Abraham is not clear.

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