Gregory Thaumaturgus the ‘Wonderworker’ (3rd cent.)

Greek author ( CPG 1763–94). Several of his works were translated into Syriac, the most important of which is a ‘Discourse on the Passible and Impassible in God’, addressed to Theopompus, whose Greek original is lost (ed. de Lagarde, 46–64; ET in Slusser, 152–73). His other works in Syriac include a ‘Treatise on Consubstantiality’ and a short work (also in Arabic) on the soul ( CPG 1773); this last is wrongly attributed to him (see Brock). A Life (BHO 356; ed. Bedjan; GT by Ryssel) and the panegyric on him by Gregory of Nyssa ( CPG 3184; ET in Slusser, 41–87) also survive in Syriac translation: these independently draw on local traditions.

    Primary Sources

    • CPG 1763–1794.
    • P.  Bedjan, Acta Martyrum et Sanctorum, vol. VI (1890–97), 83–106. (Syr. of Life)
    • P. de Lagarde, Analecta Syriaca (1858), 31–67.
    • J. B. Pitra, Analecta Sacra, vol. IV (1883), 82–133, 345–86. (LT)
    • V.  Ryssel, ‘Eine syrische Lebensgeschichte des Gregorius Thaumaturgus’, Theologische Zeitschrift aus der Schweiz 11 (1894), 228–54. (GT of Life ed. Bedjan)

    Secondary Sources

    • L.  Abramowski, ‘Die Schrift Gregors des Lehrers “ad Theopompum” und Philoxenus von Mabbug’, ZKG 89 (1978), 273–90.
    • S. P.  Brock, ‘Clavis Patrum Graecorum III 7717’, JTS ns 32 (1981), 176–8. (On the short treatise on the soul)
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    • M. Slusser, St. Gregory Thaumaturgus, Life and Works (1998).
    • M.  van  Esbroeck, ‘The Syriac versions of the Panegyric of Gregory of Nyssa on Gregory the Wonderworker and of the Life of the same’, in SymSyr VIII, 1–13.

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