Gewargis of Arbela, Pseudo- (9th cent.?) [Ch. of E.]

Unknown author of an important Commentary on the Liturgical rites. An extensive liturgical commentary in seven sections is preserved in a number of mss.; in his Bibliotheca Orientalis Assemani attributed the work to Gewargis of Arbela (9th cent.?), but without any good evidence; as a result the author is normally now referred to as ‘Pseudo-Gewargis of Arbela’ (another wrong attribution is to ʿAbdishoʿ bar Bahrīz). The chapters in each section provide answers to particular questions. The seven sections cover the following topics: 1. the liturgical year (24 questions); 2. ramšā (21 questions); 3. lelyā and ṣaprā (9 questions); 4. the Eucharistic Mysteries (30 questions); 5. Baptism (9 questions); 6. Consecration of a church (8  questions); and 7. Burial, and Marriage (7 questions; the section on Marriage seems to be a secondary addition, though perhaps by the same author). Connolly’s edition also includes the short ‘Commentary on the (liturgical) Services’ by Abraham bar Lipeh of Beth Qaṭraye (II, 161–80); in many places this is simply an abbreviation of Gabriel Qaṭraya’s Commentary.

    Primary Sources

    • S. P.  Brock, in Hugoye 1.1 (1998). (ET of 5.5)
    • R. H.  Connolly, Anonymi auctoris Expositio Officiorum Ecclesiae Georgio Arbelensi vulgo adscripta (CSCO 64, 71–2, 76; 1911–1915). (Syr. with LT)
    • R. H.  Connolly, in A Commentary on the Mass by the Nestorian George, Bishop of Mosul and Arbela, ed. R. Matheus (Kottayam, 2000). (ET of 4)
    • I.  Emlek, Mysterienfeier der Ostsyrischen Kirche im 9. Jahrhundert (2004). (GT of 4)

    Secondary Sources

    • C.  Leonhard, ‘Die Initiation nach der Expositio Officiorum Ecclesiae’, in Syriaca, ed. M. Tamcke (2002), 321–54.

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Front Matter A (73) B (53) C (26) D (36) E (27) F (5) G (30) H (22) I (31) J (15) K (11) L (12) M (56) N (19) O (3) P (28) Q (11) R (8) S (71) T (39) U (1) V (5) W (3) X (1) Y (41) Z (4) Back Matter
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