Isḥoq ʿAzar (1647–1724) [Syr. Orth.]

Minor author, maph. (1687–1709), and patr. (1709–23). Born in Mosul, Isḥoq became a monk at Dayro d-Mor Matay and was ordained priest in 1669 by Maph. Yaldo. In 1673, he helped in repairing this monastery for which he was sent to prison by the wali of Mosul, along with the maph. and another monk named Giwargis. Isḥoq was consecrated bp. for the monastery in 1684 by Patr. ʿAbdulmasīḥ I. Later, he was installed as maph. in 1687 by his uncle Patr. Giwargis II and was given a mandate to govern the entire church, not just the East. He succeeded his uncle to the patriarchate in 1709; he was installed in Amid on 8 Feb. Due to deteriorating health, he voluntarily abdicated in 1723 and left for Mosul where he died in 1724. He was buried in the Church of Mor Thoma. Isḥoq wrote a brief grammar, mainly on morphology, in 15 chapters of which a few mss. survive.


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