Manna, Yaʿqob Awgen Jacques Eugène (1867–1928) [Chald.]

Bp. and scholar. He was born in Baqufa and given the baptismal name Yawsep. After his education at the Patriarchal Seminary in Mosul he was ordained priest by Patr. Eliya XIV on 15 Aug. 1889. From 1895–1902 he was head of the Seminary of St. John in Mosul, and was also involved with the Dominican Press. In 1902 he accompanied Patr. Emmanuel Toma to Rome. He was ordained bp. together with Addai Scher. He had been in Europe during World War I, and returned in 1919, to be sent by the patr. to Baṣra (1921–8). He had hoped to go to Rome in 1928, but on Holy Thursday he mysteriously disappeared; his body was eventually found in the Tigris. Having an excellent knowledge of Syriac, he published a grammar (Mosul, 1896) and Syriac-Arabic dictionary (1900); the latter was re-issued with an appendix in Beirut (ed. R. J. Bidawid, 1975). His two-volume anthology of Syriac literature, Marge pegyānāye d-mardutā d-Ārāmāye /Morceaux choisis de littérature araméenne (1901) has been much appreciated.


  • Abūna, Adab, 558–60.
  • Macuch, Geschichte, 407–8.

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