Daniel bar Maryam (7th cent.) [Ch. of E.]

Author of an ‘Ecclesiastical history’. He was a contemporary of Ishoʿyahb III (d. 659). His work does not survive, but various authors refer to it, in particular Timotheos I, Pseudo-Gewargis of Arbela, and Ishoʿdad of Merv (in his commentary on John). In addition, it is explicitly quoted 5 times in the Arabic Chronicle of Siirt, which has led scholars to suggest that it was used as a direct source by the chronicler (along with two other 7th-cent. historians whose works have not been preserved, Eliya of Merv and Bar Sahde). Daniel’s Ecclesiastical History is mentioned by ʿAbdishoʿ bar Brikha, along with a work dealing with chronology (which is not otherwise known). Perhaps Daniel bar Maryam is the same person as Daniel bar Ṭubanitha.


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